The Girls Are All Right

I am passionate about changing the gender gap in technology.  Given my own experience working at software companies (and my female colleagues) as well as my personal experience with my young daughter’s ability solve technical problems and program robots and games, the issues causing the gender gap is not about innate ability but something else. … Continue Reading The Girls Are All Right

VMware Learning Zone

Did you know that the VMware Learning Zone offers 600 technical videos, 55 short self-paced courses, and VMware Certified Associate (VCA) training all for free?  One of the best free resources available on the VMLZ are the 5-Minute Fix videos.  These are really short (like 5 minutes or less) videos by expert VMware employees that show you… Continue Reading VMware Learning Zone

VMworld recommended Automation sessions

VMworld is right around the corner, but I would be amiss if I didn’t publish my recommended sessions around Automation. Be sure to register in advance because many of the sessions fill up fast! First of all, the session you absolutely should not miss, the “mother of all demos” breakout led by Purnima Padmanabhan, VP… Continue Reading VMworld recommended Automation sessions

Welcome to the World!

Kim and I have worked together since 2005. We’ve been at three companies together, through two acquisitions. At times, we’ve been on the same team, and, other times, we’ve gone our separately ways. Right now, we’re both lucky enough to work in Customer Success at VMware!  We’ve been known in the past — and now… Continue Reading Welcome to the World!