Welcome to the World!

Kim and I have worked together since 2005. We’ve been at three companies together, through two acquisitions. At times, we’ve been on the same team, and, other times, we’ve gone our separately ways. Right now, we’re both lucky enough to work in Customer Success at VMware!  We’ve been known in the past — and now again — as Team Kandy since we often speak in unison and are both originally from the Midwest. And we decided to start a blog together.  We’ll be focusing on our passion: developing pragmatic, impactful solutions for our customers.

Mandy Botsko-Wilson is a Staff Customer Success Architect who has been with VMware since 2010. Mandy works to design, develop, and deliver pragmatic, impactful solutions to solve customer challenges through integration, automation and customization. She has spent much of her career in professional services and delivered projects to top-tier customers around the world. Prior to VMware, Mandy focused on custom software and integrations for healthcare, accounting, and IT service management.